Lillies Pond 


ianswimmingSwim At Your Own Risk – No Life Guard On Duty

We have a small dock/raft. Future plans include building a larger dock when time/energy permits.






Fishing is permitted

We have bass, catfish & perch. Bring your own fishing gear and bait. There are plenty of grasshoppers and worms if you wish to gather your own bait.






Photography by Syn Derella:

Photography by Syn Derella:

Hiking in the Back 20 Acres

Bring sturdy shoes/boots and appropriate clothing if you plan on going thru the gate and taking a walk in nature on the backside of the property. Be aware that this is a natural wildlife area – you are their guest. There is an intermittent creek with really cool rocks and pebbles to the east. Stay within Alcove Boundaries – do not cross fences or go thru any gates other than the one by the Alcove Family Kitchen to Lillie’s Pond.




IMAG6192Meditation Grove

Feel free to wander about the Meditation Grove located adjacent to the Lodge in the Alcove’s “Anchor” (north end of the property). Guests are encouraged to spend quiet time in this area and leave rocks/tokens/gifts on the alters as they feel guided by inner Spirit. This is an all inclusive spiritual area and all traditions/paths are welcome.




Sweat Lodge

We now have our own Lodge for Non-Traditional Sweats. Please inquire if interested in joining us for Lodge. We all work together in Love in preparation of Lodge. Plan to be on property at least two hours prior to Lodge to assist in setup.



Wood Harvesting

Wood Harvesting thru the Alcove Woodlot Management Project is done on an ongoing basis – your assistance is appreciated. We are clearing mesquites and recovering dead oak for our building and firewood needs.




311533_3795794727643_320070513_nStar-Gazing from the Alcove

  Look Up!  What do you see?  Millions of planets and shooting stars!  The best nights for Star-Gazing are those during the dark of the moon – the New Moon…  We have a fairly good telescope we bring out when there is enough interest shown in looking to the heavens…  Just ask!



Drumming @ Family Firedrummin

During the evenings we gather with our Friends and Family of Our Hearts to share Laughter & More Hugs! – Bring your Drums!!!





Spinning Time w/Alchemy Providing Safe Space for `like-minded’ fire people to come be ‘Free within the Flames’ since the Fall of 2000. Share and learn new skills while practicing with poi, fans, staff and swords. Dress appropriately – 100% cotton/leather,  if planning to spin with fire.  Bring your own equipment including Glowsticks and/or approved fuel.

Fire Spinning in Approved Areas Only Sober Spinning w/Sober Safety.

We strive to maintain national safety guidelines by using NAFAA’s Performer Safety Guidelines.   


430551_393612430653602_931904828_nWhat is Poi?  ‘Poi’ is the Maori word for ‘ball’ on a cord. Poi is a form of juggling where the balls are swung around the body. The word ‘Poi’ is both plural and singular. (I have one Poi, he has two Poi).  From it’s beginnings Poi had the purpose of enhancing dance and rhythm. It was soon realised that Poi swinging had several other benefits from wrist strength, flexability and improving co-ordination to name a few. Mastering simple Poi moves can quickly improve self-esteem and gain respect from others. Hence the reason it quickly becomes addictive. And like all performance arts you are only limited by your imagination.


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