Welcome! What is Alchemy’s Alcove, you might ask?

birdfeeder2Living, Loving, Learning and Laughing with Friends of the Alcove and Family of Our Hearts

We live Off-Grid in rural Texas, teaching by example how to live with a smaller footprint while providing space for recreational, educational and spiritual gatherings, retreats and festivals.

Primitive Camping on 40+ acres in an off-grid rural setting (working farm) within a two hour drive of DFW and only 45 miles from Abilene, TX.

The Alcove is a place where we practice personal responsibility. Bring ‘Everything’ you need to sustain yourselves for the weekend including tents, bedding, food, beverages, snacks, etc.

We strive to be ‘No Trace’,  If you bring it in, take it out. Remembering to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle where possible.

Potluck Meals while relaxing in the LongHouse, Drumming, Spinning & Dancing around Family Fire with Friends and Family of Our Hearts, Laughter & More Hugs! – Bring your Drums!!!!

We are a family oriented group. We value our friendships, our children, and our relationships. We welcome new people who want to learn new skills in a friendly, respectful environment.

All People are Welcome regardless of political, religious or cultural affiliations.

Alchemy’s Alcove is “Kid Friendly” and a Designated NO DRAMA Zone.
“Leave your Drama with the Llama on the Road to the Alcove”

Peace within,
~Alchemy of the Alcove

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