Weekend Retreats

happyrestEscaping from the pressure and stresses of everyday is a necessary action for all of us to take. Trying to deal with our lives everyday without taking a break and escaping from our stresses will wear us down tremendously. We must do things we enjoy every once in a while to help keep us sane and to give our bodies a break mentally, physically, and spiritually. When we work hard taking a break is a time for us to rebuild, and renew our minds.Some of us may be scared that all of our hard work will just fall to the wayside just because we take a break, failing to realize that too much work with no rest from what we are doing will cause our growth to stunt.Just as we need to sleep in order to be functional throughout the day, we also need to take a time to rest in our lives, in areas ranging from our work to our personal relationships.



187795_554980944531825_337089650_nWellness in the Woods
Massage, Yoga, Meditation, and Music. This is the LOCAL and AFFORDABLE relaxing vacation you can totally customize anywhere from your simple camping trip with loving friends to luxury retreat pampering your body mind and spirit.

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Time-Out at The Alcove

imagejpeg_3 imagejpeg_2_67Girls Time Out  – Women doing ‘woman stuff’ without any men around









ManCamp  – Men doing ‘manly’ stuff without any women around









249318_525448310826679_1797081069_nPrivate GetAWays ‎- Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy some free time just being yourself by yourself. Work Exchange and Love Donations (Given from the Heart) are greatly appreciated.




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