Alcove WorkEnd Gatherings   We gather together – usually once a month – to enjoy the company of our family and friends while working on our gathering spaces and camping areas. These are laid back weekends. There may or may not be projects or workshops scheduled. Saturdays are spent working on Alcove projects. Bring your gloves and any tools you many have to use and share. Sundays we relax finish up projects, clean up, put things away and always more hugs – before heading back out into the world out there. Check our Facebook pages for more information.

Majority of the time we are on property Getting Things Done.  If you have some Free Time and would like to join us – Let Us Know – we’ll let you know what plans are for the time period you are looking at coming by to visit/help.


2020 Calendar for Alcove Gatherings   –  dates subject to change

  • January                     *Impromptu Gatherings
  • February 21-24         Celebrate Chaz
  • March 12-15              Building w/AirCrete
  • March 26-29             DragonTrybe Reunion &                                                     Celebrate Messtafus
  • May 7-10         Alcove Retreats: Womans Spring
  • May 22-25       Memorial Day Burn Gathering
  • June 19-21      Celebration of Summer @ The Alcove
  • July 3-5           Alcove Tie-Dye/Birthday Bash
  • July 31-August 2        Alcove Full Moon Gathering
  • September 4-6           Alcove Gathering
  • November 25-29       Alcove Thankful Gathering
  • December 24-Jan 3   Alcove YearEnd/NewYear


554831_3658507695553_965866328_nHands On WorkShops during Alcove WorkEnd Gatherings

Learn & Share Alternative Building and Living Techniques such as solar & wind energy, humanure composting, water collection, herb crafting, greenhouses, orchards & gardens, cordwood, ferro-cement and earthbag/papercrete building etc.

If you have a talent/craft you wish to share thru a workshop, please contact us about scheduling!


157000_1650174688483_1060459414_1848365_2802120_nCelebrate Messtafus!    Please join our Alcove Family in Celebrating Messtafus the Last Weekend of March!

Messtafus is an Alcove Family created tradition – Celebrating Endings & Beginnings & experiences in between… Milestones in our lives.  It’s our chanced to pay homage to all the rotten crappy stuff we had to endure and survive to get to the place we are now.

Lead2Gold… Without the crap we wouldn’t have the Gold. Being thankful for the bad and horrible as well as the good and amazing. Balance. Peace within once more.

We are thankful for the time we have been given *together and apart* to learn the lessons needed to receive the blessings of   Living in Perfect Trust and Perfect Love for Eternity. We are all definitely a work in progress. Every little thing is going to be all right.




Festival Decompression Gathering  This is our bi-annual Festival Decompression Gathering in April and October as we slowly weave ourselves back into mundania after being at Spirit Haven Ranch for 10 Glorious days and nights. It’s mainly a time for us to chill out after enjoying the completion of yet another successful CMA festival.



Gardening w/Desiree  Join us in a fun class with Desiree Scott, Texas Master Gardener in early May. We will start on Saturday at 10am, break for a Potluck Lunch at 12 noon and finish up in the afternoon. Come for just the class on Saturday or join us for the full weekend event Friday-Sunday.  Bring plants to share with others in our Plant Swap.




Memorial Day Burn Gathering   A 3-Day Weekend the end of May filled with Happy – Blessing the Alcove with Love, Time and Energy – A Gathering with Friends of the Alcove & Family of our Hearts. We will be focused on Burning Huge Piles of brush we’ve been collecting since our last Big Burn.




Celebration of Summer @The Alcove   We Gather Together at Summer Solstice in June to Celebrate the warmer months at the Alcove. ding our best to Stay Cool in the Texas Summer Heat – we have large pools of water for both Humans and our beloved 4-Leggeds.  Come splash and play with us!



TieDye/Birthday Bash!!!   Four Days of Happy – Blessing the Alcove with Love, Time and Energy – A Gathering with Friends of the Alcove & Family of our Heart. Come and Go as you need according to your schedule during the 4th of July Holiday. It’s Alchemy’s Birthday!!!!  We are going to do some Tie-Dying with Krystal Drummer. Bring your natural clothing/cloths, dyes and soda ash – if you have any to Share.  You will be taking your Tie-Dye creations home with you!!!



Alcove Thankful Gathering
Please join us Fri-Sun after Thanksgiving Day.  Sharing our  PotLuck LeftOvers with Friends and Family of Our Hearts! Beyond Counting Blessings.

Being Truly Thankful In a deep state of gratitude we recognize the purity of the experience of Being -in and of itself. Time spent with Friends of the Alcove & Family of the Heart. Positively Grateful!



Winter Solstice Gathering     Please join our Alcove Family and Stewards of the Alcove for our Alcove Winter Solstice Gathering the end of December … a Weekend of Happy Smiles and Warm Hugs! Blessing the Alcove with Love, Time and Energy.

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