Alcove History

The original 85 acres was purchased by Alchemy’s grandparents in 1958 for approximately $500.  They raised Angus cattle, farmed the front 15 acres,  grew vegetables and berries for family & friends selling the extra to the public from their home in Cisco after retirement as a general contractor.

Alchemy and her parents moved from Juneau Alaska to Cisco in 1969, when her father retired,  a WWII Veteran with 31 years of service. As a child, Alchemy spent a lot of time at the ‘farm’ with her family tending to the cattle and gardens – when not exploring the back gully and playing in the trees.

Through the years, while living in Texas, Alchemy continued to bring her family & friends out for weekend and holiday camping adventures.

Campsite#1-WestViewClearing the homestead and camping areas began in 2004 during weekend trips from Denton, living in tents for the most of a year until sleeping cabins could be constructed for the second winter.  The property was divided in half in 2005 with a fence being put down the middle going west to east. Alchemy kept the south 42-1/2 acres. A new access road on the south end of the property was established for access to ‘The Alcove’.

Hawkwood House Denton02-Alcove-06Built in Denton, TX 2002  then   Moved to The Alcove 2006  Our home was built with a lot of help from many friends. 70% materials used were salvaged or recycled. Much of the recycled and salvaged material was donated by vendors from the now defunct Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire. The labor was done with a lot of sweat, blood, tears and laughter. Many hearts and Many memories lay within the very fiber of this home.

Grateful and Thankful does not even begin to describe my feelings for all the time, energy and love given to us by Mary/NanaMom, Heather, George, Charles & Murphy – without them, none of this would have been possible. Most definitely blessed when our paths first mingled in 1993   *Murphy in 2000… 😉 ♥

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