Reconnect with the Earth and each other while learning and sharing “green” practices and traditions, alternative building and living experiences.

Alchemy’s Alcove is blessed to have positive spiritual friends who contribute their energy in different ways. From festivals to work weekends and gatherings or just time out from the daily grind.


Everyone Is Welcome!


Children are welcome – most of us have children of our own.


We have a variety of fun at the Alcove: Gatherings, Festivals and Weekend Retreats, oh my!

And when you have ideas for more events, please do Contact us!






We Love to Drum!  Spontaneous Drumming has been known to naturally occur. 

“Whether you sit around the bonfire with several drummers or you are a solitary drummer out in the beauty of the night, tapping into the “World Beat” is about the best feeling in the world. Drumming has been used in everything from the frivolity of parties to the seriousness of ritual magic. The drum is one of the most simple of sound making instruments and also one of the most complex. There really isn’t much to making a drum, but to actually play it and feel yourself being taken away to a magical place can not only be hard, but sometimes frightening. Keep an open mind during drumming and you might just find yourself in a wondrous soul opening land… The World Beat… the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.”   ~Tribal Drumming


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