The property is in private ownership with various levels of Stewardship. Each Stewardship involves the right to use a home site and the responsibility of managing that home site and common areas as needed. If interested, please inquire about our screening process and request an application for Stewardship.

Resident Stewards may build their own off-the-grid homes and enjoy the use of the common lands. Home site areas are carefully incorporated into the areas used by the community.

Mobile Stewards maintain an area for their home on wheels which include outdoor living spaces and as available, utilities/storage towers – water storage, waste recycling, solar panel mount.

Intermittent Stewards maintain an area for their tents/sleeping cabins which include an outdoor living space and common use outhouse and solar shower.

An emphasis has been placed on green living and wildlife preservation. We build our smaller footprint homes and common buildings using alternative techniques such as cord wood, earth bag, paper-crete, ferrous-cement, rock, recycled/salvage, etc.

All homes are powered with renewable energy from sun & wind (and other renewable and sustainable energies), also conserving energy & water and using gray water, biodegradable materials, local production of foods from solar greenhouses with composting, locally managed sewerage recycling schemes and local production of goods for financial gain.

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