861949_10200143833852831_1057705478_nAlchemy’s Alcove is on the east side of County Road 176 approximately two miles outside the southeastern City limits of Cisco,Texas and one mile south of Interstate Highway 20. The land is a ½ mile long rectangle, encompassing 42 ½ acres, running east to west with approximately ¼ acre of frontage along CR 176. The entrance gate is at the west end of the rectangle off of CR 176.


The front of the property is fenced off for livestock grazing and cultivating fields. About ½ of the way onto the land,under a canopy of post oak trees are the Homestead and Alcove camping areas. These areas, mostly cleared of underbrush and mesquites, are maintained for homesteading and recreational use.










Beyond a second cross fence, two earthen ponds are separated by an earth dam with a walking trial leading to the Back20 acres consisting mainly of native range-land with mesquite, and post oak trees, prickly pear and other various types of cactus native grasses and wildflowers.. Sandy loam and clay are the main soils present. There is a widespread population of wildlife including deer, wild hogs quail and dove.




IMAG4809The property itself is considered rolling to gently rolling – relatively flat, except at the east end where it dips down for the intermittent creek which crosses from North to South before climbing back up to the east boundary line. Nestled in a valley a few miles north of the Leon River, the Alcove is Not in a Hazardous Flood Plain Area. The elevation is 560′ to 1550′.


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