Fire Safety

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Everyone must be very fire safety conscious

We have in excess of 2,500 gallons of available water, with dirt, shovels/rakes and fire extinguishers on standby.  Six frost free water hydrants deliver water throughout the Alcove.


We use an enclosed Chiminea Fireplace when there are high winds or a County Burn Ban (no open flames).

Fire Safety Workshops are provided as needed for new Friends of the Alcove. Just ask!





IMAG7058Family Fire

We gather around the Alcove Family Fire during Alcove Gatherings and smaller retreats.The location of Family Fire is well sheltered on most sides from wind and is placed in the middle of an open area near the Outside Kitchen and Sitting Area.








293055_4102325870730_1272813404_nRevel Fire

We gather around the Revel Fire during larger gatherings, retreats and festivals. This larger area, at the north end of the property, is open with plenty of space for more drummers, dancers and other guests. The sky view is incredible at night!

 A responsible person is always assigned to start and put out the fire.  At no point is a fire left unattended.


Sumerhenge Fire    

Our newest magical fire ring created in 2013.  Much love and more thanks to all who were able to participate ☆★☆ Especially those still removing prickly pear cactus hairs from ‘everywhere’.   This sacred space, for smaller more intimate celebrations in festival,  is located at the south end of the Alcove beside the Willow Pond.


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