Alcove WorkEnd Gathering

Please join our Alcove Family and Stewards of the Alcove for our Alcove WorkEnd Gathering on September 21-23rd, 2018.  Full Moon is Monday, Sept 24th. Let’s soak up the Energy through the trees and the ground beneath our feet.

Our Main TASK will be to finish prepping the ground at the SouthSide LongTerm RV area. Nyx’s bus will be delivered the following weekend, September 29th. Pendragon’s Prowler TT may also be moved into it’s new space at that time.

We are currently working on several Alcove Projects. Expansion of the Alcove Family Kitchen/Sitting areas and HawkwoodHouse. WoodHarvesting for Winter, Rennovation of various Alcove Sleeping areas.
See what’s happening and jump in to help where you have an interest in learning, sharing, doing, enjoying.

A Weekend of Happy – Blessing the Alcove with Love, Time and Energy – A Gathering with Friends of the Alcove & Family of our Hearts.

WorkEnds at the Alcove – We are so very blessed and are so very grateful for the time & energy offered by our family & friends to create & improve this enchanted space for our gatherings. We are a work in progress…. ?


Alchemy’s Alcove Weekend Gatherings are primitive camping experiences. We encourage Self Responsibility. Bring ‘Everything’ you need to sustain yourselves for the weekend including Tents, bedding, food, beverages, snacks, etc.

The Alcove has 42 acres to roam around for quiet time and backwoods walks with friends. Come on out! Our cabins are already reserved but we have plenty of tent space. Kid Friendly = Bring Your Kids!!!

Friday Afternoon/Evening – Hugs 1st – get your tent/camp set up then settled in for a relaxing evening with Friends and Family of Our Hearts

☆Check the Alcove Kitchen WhiteBoard for the Current GetItDone List –》Saturday will be a day of working on our Gathering Spaces for our ever growing Friends of the Alcove. Thank You All for the Love, Energy & Sweat Given Freely to Our Alcove!

☆Sunday Morning finishing up projects, fishing, taking a walk in the Back 20 Acres…. Chilling with Nature.

☆Drumming Friday and Saturday Evenings at the Family Fire. Bring Your Drums & Other Musical Instruments.

☆Spinning & Dancing Under the Stars – Bring your own equipment, Practice Poi & Glow Sticks Available for Use.

☆Alcove Theater Nights – Something New!!! Join us on the Veranda for Movies on the Big Screen after it gets dark. Plenty of seating on our four comfy futon couches surrounding the woodburning stove. We’ll put the walls up and make hot chocolate if it gets too chilly so we can stay nice and warm, inside and out!

☆Alcove Pool – Another New Luxury Feature at the Alcove is 1100 gallons of cool clean Alcove well water in a round polytank for refreshing dips to cool down during hot days and nights.

☆DoggiePool – for our beloved four-legged s to get wet and cool off too!

☆Garden Tub – A semi-private area in the Garden has been set aside for cooling down in our Alcove Tub with a view of both Lillie’s Pond and the Willow Pond. It’s a very refreshing spot to relax during the evening hours as well…. perhaps with a few candles and serenaded by the singers of the land – frogs and cicadas.

☆Fishing – bring your fishing gear if you have it! Bass, Catfish & Perch are in Lillie’s Pond just waiting for your hook! Catch & Release Only at this time.

☆Walking the Back20 – bring sturdy shoes/boots, hat, sun screen, water bottle, walking stick. Stay within the Alcove boundaries – do not cross fences or go thru gates other than the one by Lillies Pond & the Alcove Family Kitchen.

☆Luxury Camping Bonus:
Hot Shower in the GreenHouse.
Flushing toliet in the OutHouse.

☆Alcove Family Kitchen … We Love to Cook and Eat Together – PotLuck Meals – Keeping It Simple – Bring Food to Share!
▪Fri & Sat Nights – Open Grill… Bring your favorite grilling foods and/or a side dish, dessert, etc…
▪Morning Brunch – usually between 9-11am Fresh fruit and pastries are usually available for snacking any time.
▪Hot Coffee & Herbal Teas – coffee, teas, creamer, sugar provided
▪Drinking Water from the Alcove Well is available
▪Bring other refreshing Beverages/Snacks for yourselves and/or to share.
▪Bring your own mugs, dishes & utensils.
▪Dish Washing Station will be set up and available for your convenience. You use it – You wash it. You see it – please wash it.
▪*Leave No Trace* We participate in Aluminum can recycling but ask for you to take ALL your trash with you when you leave the Alcove. Glass & Plastic should be taken back home with you to recycle.

More detailed Information on Camping at the Alcove and Directions can be found at

Any questions? ? Please ask! ?
Would be great to see all of you again!

Beyond Counting Blessings ~~~ Being Truly Thankful. In a deep state of gratitude we recognize the purity of the experience of Being – in and of itself.

Time spent with Friends of the Alcove & Family of the Heart = Positively Grateful! It’s gonna be a Lead2Gold Weekend of Goodness!!! Don’t forget your Drums!!! Are you here yet?

Peace within,
Alchemy of the Alcove

While we encourage personal responsibility as much as possible, we also see the value in allowing our family and friends to assist in our efforts to provide the basic infrastructure required to increase your enjoyment in this unique environment while learning, sharing and rejuvenating at the Alcove.

We appreciate your generosity and kindness in PayingItForward to our Alcove Family, Stewards and Guests. Your contributions will be assisting the Alcove in the following ways:

☆Recurring Expenses: Propane for Alcove Kitchen, Shower and SleepingSpaces. Fuel Gasoline/Diesel for water well pump and landscaping equipment, Paper products for Outhouse and Kitchen, etc.

☆Alcove Projects: for items needed in current/future building projects which we are unable to salvage, reuse or repurpose

■When sending/donating please use the Family/Friends option to avoid additional fees.

Thank you all so very much!

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